LinkedIn has become one of the major sites for bloggers to share their articles with the world. So much so that  many blogs now come standard with a LinkedIn button to go along with their Facebook, Twitter and Google+. But for some reason ( we can only assume lack of popularity) it hadn’t yet made its way onto Microsoft Windows Phones. Now with Windows not only staying in the race but actually starting to some up with products that could arguably be better than the competition, Linked In have decided to share the love and create a LinkedIn for Windows Mobile phone too named rather appropriately to be LinkedIn for Windows Mobile app.


While there is still room for improvement, as a whole the LinkedIn for Windows Mobile is a hoot. It currently out ways the iOS version of the LinkedIn app and for a first go it seems to work really well. In saying that no doubt we will see bigger and better things for the future of LinkedIn for Windows.

As of now, if you’re a LinkedIn fan with a Windows Phone check it out because its free of charge. The LinkedIn app currently is at version 0.8.5 and can be downloaded from this direct Windows Phone Marketplace link.