We all know how popular the Apple iPhone is. There was a time when a smart phone just meant an iPhone. When the only mobile device you would see in a movie was an iPhone. In recent times the general knowledge has stretched somewhat further with many now understanding the power house that Android is fast becoming. Some plucked off the street will even be able to tell you that Android actually has more units out there than iPhone does. What they won’t be able to tell you is just how much Android is predicted to dominate over iPhone and all the rest of the competition within the next 12 months.

If reports are anything to go by, Android mobiles will outnumber iPhone nearly three to one before the year is out. A staggering number, and a number that begs a few questions such as why the iPhone downfall and the Android rise?

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The main reasons for this is the amount of different Android devices that there is available. No matter what your budget, including really cheap, there will be an Android device with your name on it. The iPhone doesn’t have this option, yet. The other reason is that the Android platform is much more open, giving plenty of options for things to do such as rooting. If anyone has watched Apple lately, you would know of the frustrations with trying to open iOS.

That’s where the report gets interesting. The report is a prediction of if things were to keep going the way they are going. Which might confirm good reason for Apple to be bringing out a budget iPhone as well as another variety later in the year.

With that in mind, it’s hard to see Android figures skyrocketing as much as nearly 800 million Android phones compared to only 300 million iPhones. In saying that, news broke of reports saying that the budget iPhone would be selling for $300 US yesterday, making it not really as much of a budget iPhone as many were probably hoping.

Then of course there’s other manufacturers breathing down the neck also such as Blackberry and Windows Phone. While Blackberry is far from a threat, it has just had the launch of a phone that may bring it back in the picture. Right now is too early to say for the RIM company. Windows Phone on the other hand is seeing the success that was predicted by many in 2012 with the launch of the new Windows Phone 7 range.

While many reports seem conflicting and just what will happen is anyone’s guess, one thing is for sure, this year is shaping up to be very interesting in the mobile market.

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