The long-awaited announcement today from the Microsoft conference turned out to be well worth the wait. Steve Ballmer announced to the audience the Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablet that will have the competition like Apple stunned.


Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablets Set To Revolutionize The Tablet

The Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablet doubles as a laptop and a tablet, because of its detachable keyboard. Something so simple, but yet hadn’t been implemented by anyone in the industry, (although that is set to undoubtably change in the near future). The nifty new Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablet comes with an extra backing for support as shown on display in the image below, to go along with the detachable keyboard. Furthermore, the new MS device also comes equipped with a stylus that lets user’s draw around with their pens. The all new stylus is set to be the best ever implemented by anyone also, with writing feeling more natural than ever before.

The MS Surface Tablet also comes in a vast array of colours sure to suit just about anyone’s tastes. The body itself is very slim and sleek by design. If anyone is familiar with the Lapdock that was a hit for Motorola user’s in the past, the new MS Surface looks very similar in thickness.

The MS Surface Tablet is more than just a flashy design too. The specs inside this thing rival that of a desktop PC. Giving it the qualities to know iPad’s from the top of the tablet market.