MIUI is a custom ROM for those who aren’t already aware. And one that’s been very popular with Android enthusiasts. Hacking and modding is something Android users love to do whether manufacturers like it or not. With customization so easily done it’s why many users buy an Android in the first place. Since the last year the MIUI has bene the ROM of choice for many users who choose to open up their devices.

The MIUI is only available to rooted devices, but still many people choose not to do this. Whether it’s because money is tight and they don’t want to take the risk in not rooting properly or whether its their lack of knowledge and confidence on how to get the job done. maybe, just maybe, they treat their devices like a classic automobile and don’t want any customization. Okay, now I’m just making fun. truth is i have no idea why people refuse to do these things. Maybe it’s in their genes. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter anymore! Because now there’s an app that brings the MIUI Launcher to your Android device without the need of rooting.

Hi Home Launcher

The brilliant app that makes this happen is called the Mi Home Launcher app. I’m a bit reluctant to say this next bit, in case readers run and hide, but it’s my duty to throw it out there so i will. The Mi Home Launcher is actually created by the same people who brought to you the MIUI Launcher. The thought behind the idea was that they too, are aware that many user’s simply will not root their devices. So, they compromised and brought the same goodness to a normal device. Talented aren’t they!

You can download Mi Home Launcher for devices 2.3 Gingerbread and above and also Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 and above.

Download Android 2.3 and above from Google Play.

Download Android 4.0 and above from Google Play.

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