Google Maps is a great tool to find the locations on the earth. With Google Maps, you can see all the places of the world right on your computer screen or on your mobile device. You just have to input the location address on the Google Maps site, and you will instantly see the map of that location. Besides searching for maps, you can also share the same with your friends using various sharing methods, such as Email, SMS, GPS, etc.

One of the useful features of the Google Maps is, you can find the coordinates of any location on Earth naturally. It comes to use when you have got some work from school/college, or you are working on a project or simply want to know the latitude and the longitude of a place. In Google Maps, there is no direct option available to find the latitude and longitude. But, using the trick given below, you will be able to find the coordinates of any place on Google Maps. This method works on a javascript, and it works in your web browser, so you don’t need to have any other plugins, add-ons installed. All you need to have is a Web Browser, e.g., Google Chrome.


How To Get Latitude And Longitude Using Google Maps

From your web browser, open Google Maps site and enter the address in the input field to get the map of the place. As soon as you type the address, you will see the map just below it.

Now, you have got the Map of the location of which you want to know the latitude and longitude. Right-click on any exact point on the Map for which you want co-ordinates and choose Center map here option.

The trick begins here. Now, just copy and paste the below javascript code into your web browser address bar. Remember to remove the current URL from the address bar and paste this one. Then, just press Enter on your keyboard.


As soon as you type the above javascript, a prompt box will appear with the coordinates of the location. That is it what we were trying to get. You can now use this Latitude and Longitude anywhere you like.


This simple trick involves simple steps and finally you could get the coordinates of any location you chose. That’s it.

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