The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 T210 is a tablet not receiving much love from the software department until now. This week Sammy is rolling a fresh Android 4.4.2 KitKat namely the XXBNH4 build. before now we know this number to include lots of features including transparent status and navigation bars, all white status icons, wireless cloud printing, innovative color Emoji, landscape keyboard enhancements and more. This build will contain a few enhancements and improvements over the last. If you don’t want to wait for the OTA to arrive to your notification panel or you are residing outside the region of its deliverance, you should understand that you need to download and install the file manually by following the steps provided by us today.

Nowadays its popular to install custom ROMs and open up the OS by unchaining it with root access. You should be aware that flashing official firmware files like we have here will revoke the root access and custom recovery image. Furthermore, you require a full factory reset before starting which means that you will lose all data that isn’t saved or backed up. To backup try using the Titanium app available from the Google Play Store. Head to the same place for the apps and download the Helium version for those who are running stock software already and want to make copies of the device data and sync the contacts with ease. In addition, if you are having trouble making copies of the SMS text messages try using the SMS Backup application available from the Play Store too.

White Tab 3

  • As a refresher, this is a grand guide that can be used for people not wanting to wait any longer for the official OTA update to arrive to the settings. However, if you didn’t know it is issued for the Italy region you can head to Settings > About Device > System Updates and check for the update that way. Always use a stable WiFi connection to avoid traffic from other people installing the update the same as you are. What’s more, the traffic combined with using the mobile data creates a less stable connection and therefore you are more exposed to requiring a factory reset to refresh the operation. if that happens there’s every chance you lose the data unless it is backed up. backup the market apps, phone contacts, call logs, MMS texts, pictures and music files. Moreover, save the videos and remaining audio files if you do not want to risk losing them.
  • If you are an expert at updating Android-based smartphones and tablets you can skip ahead to the steps since you already know what you are doing. The others must realize that following the tutorial happens on your own accord and any risk you take is your own responsibility. We provide accurate guides to the best of our knowledge and have years of experience with updating software manually. However, nothing comes with a written guarantee and if something goes wrong we are not liable.
  • Nothing will work unless the Samsung USB Drivers are up to date and in perfect working order. Along the same lines you want to have the USB Debugging Mode enabled from the Tab. Navigate to the settings menu and look under the Developer options menu from the chance to enable the option.
  • The Tab 3 comes in several different sizes. Use this guide for the 7.0 variant only. Attempting to install it on anything else can result in damages. You can check the model number by stopping over at the Settings > About menu.
  • The tab will reboot itself after you press the start button at the end of the steps. Don’t let that scare you since the default settings in the app allow for this to happen .It is part of the normal operation and when it finishes booting back up the fresh software version will be up and running. You can confirm this by going back to the Settings menu once more and looking at the new build number under the About device section. Check the number corresponds with the numbers printed here.
  • Disable all antivirus apps running on the Android tablet. Likewise, temporarily disable any antivirus protection running on the computer. Correspondingly, the computer must be Windows-based from Microsoft. It must have the Windows XP to Windows 8 operating system for the Odin tool to work. Odin comes from the official Samsung developmental team and works a charm .however, they do not supply Odin to Apple Mac users with the OS X operating systems.
  • The Tab 3 comes with USB charging as a stock standard feature that will automatically begin charging the device once it is plugged into the computer, notebook or laptop. However, in some cares the feature does not work and therefore you will need to save up at least 50% battery power before starting. You can turn the tablet on and look at the battery icon from the status bar to check how much life is remaining. This is important since we do not want it shut down before we finish the steps.

Update the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 T210 with XXBNH4 Android 4.4.2 KitKat

1. Turn the computer, laptop or notebook on and log in to the account of your choice.

2. Download the T210XXBNH4 file here to the desktop or the C: Drive.
– I choose the C: Drive if I want to keep the file for long periods. I choose the desktop if I want to locate the file easily and delete it after I leave here.

Note: You must sign up for the Sam Mobile account before it allows you to obtain the correct file.

3. Download the latest Odin 3.09 here.

4. Follow the same guidelines for where to save the file.

5. Have the tablet turned off.

6. Boot it up again in Download Mode
– press Home + Power + Volume Down keys to do this properly.

7. Get a hold of the USB cable.

Note: if you cannot find it try looking at the wires that is connecting the charger!

8. Make sure the default settings are left alone. Do not touch the Auto reboot or F reset Time options.

9. Press the AP button and upload the T210XXBNH4 tar.md5 file.

10. Leave the re-partition box disabled unless using the pit file. We are not giving instructions to use the pit file here.

11. Click the Start button and the flashing will commence.

12. It’s important to not touch any buttons and wait until it finishes.
– you will know it’s ready when the ID: COM port color vicissitudes.

13. Close the Odin app and stop the USB Mass Storage device after the reboot.