First there was the mid-range Moto X that was one of the most sought-after smartphones in the world helped along by it is the root of two of the biggest names in the smartphone business: Google and Motorola. Then, to help out people who couldn’t afford the Moto X they created the MotoG. Was the moto G a good handset? For the money it was, however, it proved to be a lot less durable. The solution? Develope a Moto G Forte that can handle the toughest of conditions.

From that perspective, we love how the G Forte sounds. That’s about where it stops, though, because from the looks of this Evleaks leaked picture that shows the new Fort it’s one of the ugliest handsets we’ve ever seen.

The Moto G was the most successful Motorola owned phone in history of the company, and by that they are referring to the among of units sold. That’s the amount of power and movement behind a cheap handset and it’s also what has driven Android to be so successful for this day.

The image shows a thick back cover that is black and very bulky. It has big buttons out the sides and it is a stark contrast compared to its successor that was very sleek and smooth. Spec-wise there is not much to go on yet. A rumor suggests that it will have a MicroSD card slot and that is a common way to keep internal storage even for the big companies like Samsung on the galaxy range.