When I was reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 the first thing I noticed after watching unboxing videos was both of the devices had a nice “powered by Android” screen appear during the boot process. Now, if you own the Moto X, you too will be greeted with this new screen.

If you thought Motorola did this to try and look more classy to be like the flagship devices from Taiwanese companies think again. The campaign is apparently part of the Aprils fools festivities, even though this is not a joke and will be staying from now on we are lead to believe.

Droid Life is a site who spotted this first and the clip below shows them demonstrating how it looks. Every so often we see these mobile companies release new features on holidays to commemorate the occasion.

Here is the video showing what the animation logo looks like:

We love still talking about this phone made by the Google and Motorola for two reasons. The first: Google sold Motorola to Lenovo so there will be no more smartphones being made by them. If you want to own a part of the old days this is the only option. The second reason is the Moto X has only just come out around Australia so it  is bringing lots of hype to my homeland. The update comes in the Google Play Stores Boot services application. If you are buying this handset fresh out of the box from selected retailers in Australia then this boot animation could come pre-installed.