Maybe it is the conspiracy theorist in me, but I always thought that there could be more to these mock-ups that we are seeing other than some graphics design student messing around. Today’s new breaking iPhone 6 concepts (or not so concept) could be proof of that.

As the story goes, according to popular web blog Mac Rumors, this dummy is put together by a real case manufacturer that Apple has made cases for the upcoming handsets. Because the 2014 iPhone is said to be larger in size, they have to do trials to make sure everything fits well. That might not mean much until you stop and think about it.

If this is the prototype that the case manufacturer is trying to fit in the case then surely it could at least represent a similar shape at the very least as to what the real iPhone 6 is going to look like. Take a closer look at it and see what you think. I find this one more believable than any of the other pictures because it does have an expensive premium polished look to it more so than the other did.

Furthermore, this picture shows it with all glass display that is black because it is turned off. It has a traditional round button embedded into the glass that is still a button, but more integrated into the display itself than usual. There ‘re no borders so it looks like the display when turned on will be visible right to the edges just like we are expecting modern handsets to look.

Right now what is real and what isn’t is anybody’s guess, but I do have a good knack for what looks right to me. It is by far the most convincing dummy I’ve seen and I’ve got a feeling it will represent something very close to what the product will be.

What do you think? If the Cupertino company released this as the flagship device for this year would you be impressed or disappoint from a design point of view?

Anyhow, while we are here, let me fill you in on what we know about the iPhone 6. It will have a 4.8-inch display and that is about 0.5 inches bigger than the old model I have in my hand now. It will have a new Apple A8 system chip and at least a 2600 MHz processor. Reports are it will have an 8 megapixel rear-facing snapper, but that does not sound like enough to me. I am expecting more than that even with Apple’s extra technology like Optical image stabilization. It has an unofficial launch time of June 2014. That is around the same time they always release their gear, but they are running late this year according to reports.