Elias Limneos has been around the jailbreak scene for a long time. His work to date includes popular tweaks such as SBRotator and CallBar and now he has revealed a way that users can double tap the iPhone’s display to unlock the passcode.

It sounds a little bit dangerous and not suited for everybody. Many people have sensitive, personal information and pictures inside of the image galleries and data that they do not want anybody to get their hands on the mobile. It is critical that nobody gets access to their handsets unwillingly by the smartphone owner. To those people I say give this tweak a miss.

However if you are the person that doesn’t have much to hide at all and you open your iPhone a lot throughout the day, I highly recommend installing this tweak because it will save countless hours from your “wasted” lifetime. It is a fantastic way to be more efficient with your handsets. Also getting away from the passcode lock screen that, once you get to know where your hands go off by heart, doesn’t prove to be too much of a pain. But nonetheless, there’s no question this is much easier.

SmartTap gives us three different options. Swipe up and down to unlock or tap the screen to wake and put it to sleep.

After you install it from Cydia go to Settings > SmartTap and configure the settings if you want to change or only view what options are available.

Supposedly the idea behind this tweak came from the current Android 4.4.2 KitKat software updates that are rolling out to many Android phones. One of the features of that update is a Knock Code where users can “knock” or tap the screen to unlock it. However, this cannot be locked by performing the same knock gesture so in a way this tweak for Apple is even better.

According to a tipster who has already tried this tweak, it is currently consuming lots of battery power while working. The developer has also said over website Reddit that he admits there is a battery consumption issue. If you hardly get through your day with enough battery as it is you might want to keep this turned to the “disable” position until you get home. Or else make sure you have a phone charger handy to plug it in on your lunch break.

In the settings you will find:

Double taps:

  • Turn on screen
  • Unlock device
  • Launch application

When the screen is off:

  •  Enable
  • Double tap screen
  •  Swipe up from bottom
  • Swipe down from top


When screen is on:

  •  Double tap home screen to lock
  • Double tap lock screen to lock

Smart touch detection enable/disabled.

You can do all of these operations from the settings after it is downloaded and installed. View the video demo here: