According to a source close to blog 9 to 5 mac, Apple is planning on sending out emails to existing customers who are on an older device to try to entice them into upgrading to the current iPhone 5S and 5C models. If you are wondering what the hurry is, the famous fruit company are not too far away now from unveiling the iPhone 6. Why they would not want these customers to upgrade to it instead and not the 5S and budget version of the 2013 iPhone line is beyond me, but they are the better business mind as you can see.

We know that the Cupertino company always struggle with a heavy demand when a new iPhone device is released and may look to get people to buy elsewhere. A different idea would be that they have remaining stock that they are looking to clear from last years range.

Whatever the real reason is will likely stay beyond closed doors so we will never know. What we do know though is that if sources are true, the deals will be “enormous” and make people visit official Apple stores around the United States this weekend to get in on them. As I mentioned before, the first step is to receive an email. If you do receive an email then you know that you are one of the customers the deal is offered to. Inside the mail will be the instructions on what you need to do to be a part of exclusive deal sales on offer.

If we were to guess, it could have something to do with the existing trade-in program where they take in your older stock and offer you the newer stock for a discount price. Just remember that it will not be too many months now before we see the next iPhone come out so if you intend on going on a plan you will likely miss all that buzz. Presumably Apple already has that sussed out anyway, and have calculated whom they think will or will not upgrade.

To make you doubt getting in on this deal a bit just for fun, we know that Apple is planning on releasing a new smartphone with a bigger screen. Anywhere between the 4.8 and 5.0-inch mark. It could have amazing ppi (over 400) and there’s even rumors of a sapphire display on the cards. We are also heading directly into the time of year where lots of mock-ups and leaked pictures claiming to be the next iPhone coming out. See here for our latest addition.