When it comes to mobiles there was a big splash about making them waterproof back in 2012. Now in 2013 it seems the flexible screen has taken all the focus away from any company who hadn’t yet come up with a way to make their phones waterproof. Apple were one of those companies and whilst they can’t take a drop on the local swimming pool there are alternatives out there that make it all possible.

Take the new Lifeproof nüüd case, for example, which has just come out for the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5. This can take up to 6 feet in water depth as well as multitasking case that will help you out in every other way to help protect your phone too. The full retail price on this one comes in at $89.99.

The special thing here that separates it from the rest of the pack is that it also has a hole made for the touch ID. This space will remain a protector to all elements including the water, but it will also let you use the fingerprint sensor to unlock your Smartphone. Something we thought was pretty cool. If it’s just the budget version you have, well, that’s OK too, because the shell still fits nicely. Most of the color will be stamped out and it doesn’t have holes like the official Apple case did to give the extra styling points.

It’s downside is that it’s more a heavy-duty frame and not anything that’s been made easier on the eyes. But when you keep looking at it for longer, you’ll soon start to see the beauty in it. It obviously isn’t too thin, and for what it manages to do, it does actually seem as nice as possible. The more we look at it the more it’s growing on us.

If you want to check out more on this product, simply head over to the Lifeproof website.

Lifeproof have been around ever since the iPhone 4 came out. Back then they had made the slimmest looking waterproof case around. The next year saw them come out with a solution for the iPad and that one looks really neat also. Point being, they aren’t new to the industry and are slowly but surely building themselves a reputable brand name from these cases.

They also come in different forms for different reasons. You may remember the extra chunky ones designed for pure protection on land. These one’s had their own TV commercial.