We said yesterday that we wouldn’t be covering much of today’s specials, but when it comes to Apple products we would feel a bit guilty if we didn’t at least cover what they had up their sleeves.

The Cupertino firm isn’t really the type to spoil us all in special prices at this time of the year. They make premium products and as such always seem to charge a premium price. Even when the season of giving starts to come around they choose to keep the amount of money consumers pay nearly at the same rate because it’s part of their branding scheme. They always want to be keeping that quality image up. That, and well, they don’t have to lower anything because they know people will still pay for it. The devices they sell are always very high in demand, often resulting in a lack of supply.

When this day comes it comes at different times around the world and because Apple have stores all over far and wide we get to see what the firm has in store for us (literally) in some places before others.

Australia leads the way in terms of time zones, and when shopping hours arrived we hardly saw any sales. The devices would come for the same cost, but they would be throwing in a free discount card along with its valued at $150 if you happened to buy the top of the range iMac. Of course, that has to be spent on another one of their products which is expensive and inflated prices. A smaller $75 voucher would go to anybody buying something smaller like the iPad.

Not a bad deal to start with, but what we really wanted to see here was the dollar amount of what an existing item was being dropped and not something over the top of that. Seeing this had everybody in low hopes for the day. Luckily though things changed once we saw the clock tic 9am over in Europe. Here we did see genuine sales. You can see what they are directly below.

  • £31 to £61 on iPad Air (depending on model and configuration)
  • £15 on iPad mini 1
  • £25 on iPad 2
  • £25 on iPod touch 5G
  • £11 on iPod nano
  • £81 on MacBook Air
  • £81 on MacBook Pro (Retina and Non-Retina both)
  • £81 on iMac
  • £15 on Apple TV
  • £15 on AirPort Extreme
  • £25 on AirPort Time Capsule

Now the world was starting to get excited. The U.S was next to be announced. This is the country that actually celebrates Black Friday along with their Thanksgiving turkey weekend. The shops go crazy today in the states. Unfortunately, the Yankees weren’t as lucky as Europe and the original deal from Australia made its way to the United States also. It seems the folks over in Europe got the better side of things today.

Apple TV fans didn’t get any action this year. It does come with the voucher on top of the original purchase, but to see an actual reduction off of the withstanding price would have been ideal for many. Most people love shopping for something to do with entertainment around this time.