It was the movie set to portray the late Steve Jobs’ life, but ended up flopping fairly hard at the box office (only 7 million on opening weekend). Still well worth a watch if you are anybody that has an inch of respect for the company, Apple. It didn’t do much to separate itself from the old movie called “Pirates Of Silicon Valley” in my opinion, and that’s what the downfall was for me.

Because of its less than stellar numbers when in theaters, it isn’t exactly available by the masses. If you have struggled to get your hands on a copy you might be pleased to find out that it is now available for download from iTunes.

Being under Apple’s duress, you wouldn’t be in trouble for thinking that it would come to iTunes before anywhere else. However, that train of thought would be wrong because it has come no sooner than it arrived for DVD and Blue Ray. Yes, you can order in all three if you wish, but arguably none shall come to you any easier than the direct download from iTunes if you already have an account.

Of course, this time comes on good old Turkey day, only one day before the Black Friday sales. A copy of this will set you back under $15 for the standard definition and about an extra $5 for the high-definition. We wouldn’t count on seeing those being slashed come tomorrow morning either. Still, bringing it out in times of the festive season and in particular this Thanksgiving holiday to perhaps kick back and watch with the loved ones won’t be such a bad thing.

Download: Jobs from iTunes