If you were looking for confirmation either one way or the other, you’ve been given it today by Tim Cook. It is the time for giving after all. Today, Tim announced that Apple isn’t opening extra stores over the Thanks Giving holiday period. Instead, Apple will be letting its workers spend some alone time with the family. What a great company they are right?

While that is good for the families, it hasn’t exactly helped out the consumers who had hoped there would be extra places open to handle the holiday spending sprees. With the iPhone 5C officially been cut down on production, the fruit company might be feeling as though they have things under wraps for now.

Tim’s statement:

“I’d like to thank all of our customers and our long-term shareholders for their loyalty, and I’d also like to thank Apple’s many talented employees who have worked tirelessly to bring us this far and who are passionately focused on making great products that enrich people’s lives.”

This holiday over in the United States is known as Black Friday. That means lots of shopping bargains (to go along with the time of giving). It also means a hell of a lot of shoppers around the place, equaling one of the busiest times of the year before we get into the Christmas season. As we are all too aware, Apple’s products come at a premium rate anyway, so if it’s really cheap bargains you were hoping for, Apple stores likely aren’t the place to find them.

On the other hand, if you have any friends over in America now is the time you want to start sucking up to them. They have the chance to snap up some unbelievable bargains if it’s anything inside the electronics category you are after. Flat screen TVs are a good example of a product that is always being sold dirt cheap among other things.

Via: Apple Insider