Thought you knew why Apple kept those prices up over the Black Friday period? This will all but confirm it. Results have just come in about how consumers have spent their hard-earned cash from the technology stands and a startling 82% of mobile sales have gone the way of the iPad and the iPhone. That figure is astonishing considering the fact that other companies such as Android have offered better deals and that can’t really be argued. So how does the fruit company manage to pull this off?

Instead of offering bargains, the Cupertino company offers gift vouchers resulting in a price slash when you buy a second item. Most of us considered this a bit of a gimmick, but if sales have been this high it could be because consumers are taking them up on the offer and going back and making a second purchase with the discount cards.

It’s also interesting to note that the other companies have not started recognizing this notion at all. For the most part, they are giving bargains and price reductions from original tags.

The “Big Red” (Verizon) advertised well for this weekend as did Apple themselves.If you are still in the hunt for some good deals from actual retail outlets, Best Buy has some great bargains.

The success they have had here may not all be due to their campaign tactics. It’s a well-known fact that many people do their Christmas shopping on this day because it’s only a month prior to the big festivities. Two of the most popular items for a kids wish list are always the iPhone and the iPad. It could well be that a big chunk of these shoppers has had that in mind this year.