As much as we love Apple and all the products they make including the entire iPad range which now goes into the Mini variants and those with retina display, there is something I’ve disliked this entire time about witnessing iPad photos. It first happened during Cupertino unveiling of new devices like the iPhone 4S where the crowd would hold them up in the air instead of the older mobile device. To this day I’m not sure if they think it takes a better quality picture, if they are so old that the bigger screen makes it easier due to an ailing eyesight, or whether they didn’t want to be seen with the older generation smartphone since Apple was showing the new model. The story isn’t completely believable this time around because by looking at the first picture we aren’t 100% sold that Arnie taking pictures, but there is a good chance he is either webcasting with family and friends or taking that selfie.

Anyhow, hot celebrity website, Buzzfeed that I visit on occasion posted this and because it was iPad related I decided to throw it in the mix. Can you guess what the Action movie star from past blockbusters such as Terminator, Total Recall, Predator and many more is doing? Any better ideas than what we threw out?

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