If you like technology and are familiar with the United States geography then you will have heard of the place called Silicon Valley. Depicting beautiful in a TV series that is seeing season 1 wrapping up under the same name, Silicon Valley is a place where all the tech start-up offices are in San Francisco. Yes, the South Bay area is one of the most well-known places for website and apps to get to work and it is also the home of the Moscone Center where WWDC will be held for 2014.

The WWDC is Apple’s World-wide Developers conference and the although the building doesn’t get changed construction-wise it is under threat of being completely transformed by banners right now. We have some live photos to show off of the decorating under way inside the famous building and can we just say that the banner look great.

Without giving too much away because this post is designed to show off the building and nothing else, we do have some information that might tickle your fancy. We are expecting iOS 8 to be shown for the first time here. After such a big change in iOS 7, this will be one of the most anticipated bits of software in the world for 2014.

Not to be confused with the MWC, the WWDC is for all devices including desktop and it is possible we see some new mac’s along both OS X software and not just mobile related topics that we see from the Mobile World Congress.

We also have word that this keynote event will be live streamed by Apple on iOS, OS X, Windows OS and Apple TV so that people can tune in and watch everything that goes down. There ‘re lots to know also. A little bird has told me that every smartphone that the fruit company unveils this year will come with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor technology. It is the technology that only came to Android this year and was first released by the Cupertino gang back in 2013 with the iPhone 5S. We are expecting as many as 3 different mobile devices coming our way this year too so that should be fun. There will be the iPhone 6, a bigger phablet-sized iPhone and also potentially a budget replacement for the 5C that flopped last year. having a Touch ID on a budget model would be great. For now though just check out what these banners have to offer and I’ll keep you updated further on the Apple news in a dedicated post later on down the track.

At a time when everybody around me is telling me ‘neutrals’ are what is making the people look good right now, I beg to differ and think colors have never been as in as they are now since the 80’s. I don’t know about you, but this little number, the Cupertino company, are pulling with the posters is reminding me a lot of Marty McFly’s hat from back to the Future 2.

All images taken by Mac Stories.

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