Normally my fascination of animated GIFs spurns from watching mini-movies work without me needing to click a button. Today thanks to a new map made by a creative person, I have found a new love in the GIF. Using this same technology, we can take a look at timelines and how things progress. Take the iconic Apple brand name and observing how they have grown to be what they are today across the United States.

When you watch this clip it will start with no Apple stores and then gradually grow and you can see in the correct sequence how and when each Apple store was made. When it flows through all the dots, you will see the North West region still uninhabited. Unfortunately for them that is where there isn’t much fruit company love to this day. According to Cult of Mac, there is still six states inside the USA that do not have any Apple stores at all. If you were to zoom out on a world-wide scale, however, suddenly they would not feel so bad because they are much more prominent in America than anywhere else.

Today there are 16 countries with Apple retail outlets. The Netherlands is one of those countries and it has two stores — one in Amsterdam and the other in Haarlem. North America is so well looked after that there is 17 retailers in New York, 52 in California, 18 in Texas and 16 in Florida. The states without stores according to the map are Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. Can you spot the other two? I’ll give you a hint: it is not Hawaii.