Letting go of Steve Jobs after his passing has not been easy for many. Since his passing we have witnessed biographies, both authorized and unauthorized, two movies and one that is yet to be released, and a hit manga book I will talk later about. Apple fans have watched movies about how the fruit company came about, bought T-Shirts commemorating the great man, and now on the much more lite-hearted side of things, we have found a picture of a Steve Jobs face mark.

The story behind where the image came from originally isn’t clear. I found Cult of Mac using it as their main image in a post about how Japan is choosing the iPhone over Samsung products now. The picture fits their story because if you observe the backdrop it is in the country of Japan and most likely worn by a Japanese person.

In trying to show my loyalty to the brand Steve helped create I am trying to get my hands on Mac memorabilia and when I do I will make blog posts featuring them. The mask is the latest item I felt people will appreciate seeing if they haven’t already.

The T-Shirts that I posted a link to are not just to look at either. They are REAL shirts that are available for purchasing today. If you dig the Japanese Anime style cartoon images you might be interested in learning the background story behind them and purchasing them yourself to take to the streets with. The manga comic book illustrated by Japanese artist Mari Yamazaki is where the idea spurned.

Nevertheless, what do you think of this piece of costume? Would you wear it out in the street or around the house? Is it something you would like to have occupying space in your bedroom or around the home? I am curious to discover what folks think so I know what else to post in the future.

Steve passed on the 5th of October 2011. He was 56.

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