With the recent news, I published moments ago about possible tweak-worthy customization options coming as stock in iOS 8 after the beta stages roll out it’s important to note that there still will be a jailbreak scene thriving more than ever. While it might take the wind out of the sails of many developers who make the hacks available, it’s a good sign that Apple developers are taking notes of what the third party creators are coming up with and implementing the ideas themselves. Furthermore, there is an abundance of tweaks out there and at best what Apple are releasing in the newest software for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch will just give options to select some different colors and fonts. However, it won’t even offer a smidgen of the theming that Cydia provides.

Many users took to Reddit over the weekend to announce their displeasure with ‘boasting’ developers who reveal that a jailbreak does exist. But other more experienced hackers fought back with saying they couldn’t believe the abuse they were receiving over the news. According to some of the biggest names in the business, there is a lot more to a jailbreak than just releasing it to the public straight away. Stefan Esser or otherwise known as i0n1c had this to say:

Before that time, Stefan was the man behind one of the biggest breakthroughs we have seen for iOS 8, and he even shared a screenshot to show us all that he had root access via SSH via his Mac OS X-based machine. I say machine because I can’t visibly see if he is using a laptop or computer from his screenshot. As he calls it this is ‘SSHing’ to the iPod 5 device. You can check the confirmation on that from his Twitter feed I’ve included below.

There may not be a greater mastermind in the jailbreak community other than Esser, but his work doesn’t always come when we hope. He also knows that this is a business and even though it has technically been unchained and opened that doesn’t mean they will provide us with the tools to do it for unknown reasons to us.

Up until now it was Evasi0n that came out for iOS 7, and it gave us the easiest way to jailbreak that we had ever seen. All people had to do was download the file from the official website, and from there it was just a few simple clicks before your device had Cydia installed. That didn’t come without its controversy’s though as Pod2g had struck a deal with a Chinese-based company that pre-installed piracy software to everyone who used the too. Pod2g publicly denied any wrongdoing and spoke out suggesting that he didn’t know there was piracy involved and as soon as he did he broke the deal off and didn’t accept any money.

The Chinese app store spent a lot of 2013 going around to all the big names that would likely release a jailbreak first including Esser, Pod2g, Winocm and others and reportedly offered up to 6 figure sums to allow the China-based app store to be fixed instead of Cydia. Jay Freeman, the founder of Cydia, says that the Evasi0n team did not work with him at all, and he wasn’t ready to have Cydia running due to poor communication with the Evasi0n developers, so there’s little doubt that they wanted the money. It was only a matter of time before business and pleasure collided, and we are all anxiously waiting to see what entertainment comes out this year and if it will go smoother.

That wast he last thing the Jailbreaking scene needed because it is always unfairly judged by people who don’t know the subject accurately about being a piracy-based idea and it is not. Although it does open up the doors for people to use piracy software it doesn’t act in that way itself, and nobody wants it too either.

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