Sony have issued a new firmware namely 10.5.A.0.233 to address the severe battery drain bug that come across during the previous 10.5.A.0.230 update. It is common for firmware. Many times we see a new build released to attack and fix several bugs, but it can create a new one entirely in its own right causing further frustrations. Instead of bypassing the business plans Sony have for their various devices they opt to send out a quick fix keeping it on Android 4.4.2 KitKat instead of rolling out the newer 4.4.3 KitKat which would obviously be a viable solution. Anyhow, there’s no doubt these devices will get the final stages of Kitkat soon, but for now anybody who was experiencing battery draining quicker than usual after updating can download this newer version to tackle that problem.

Hopefully writing on this also helps the less tech savvy owners of the Sony Xperia Z, ZR and ZL devices because often they have no idea why their battery is draining so fast even if they do notice a problem. SO, if you know any fewer experiences users, please pass on the information on my account and tell them how they can fix it. It’s also yet another good idea why we should always check for OTA updates and install them whenever possible to stay up to date. It will have consequences with those on the root because updating to official firmware builds like we have here always cancel that root access and take it away. However, more often than not root can come back by rooting on the new software version.
Sony Xperia Z

Unlike many of the other releases we see for different smartphone and tablet, this build number comes for many different modeled devices. I will list them all now. The Xperia Z options with model numbers of C6602 and C6603 are able to upgrade. It is also for ZR handsets with model numbers C5502 and C5503. The ZL C6502, C6503 and C6506 variants are ready and the Tablet Z SGP321, SGP341 and SGP351 models are also for this. To check your model number go to Settings -> About phone/tablet > Model number. Alternatively look on the back of the packaging it came with because you can see it on the box. In same cases, it is also printed on the back cover of the device.

We always recommend a full backup before performing any update whether it be manual or OTA official or unofficial because they all carry a few risks with them. Data is never 100% secure at any time, and all of us will undergo it at one point in our lives. These smartphones and tablet come with a minimum of 8 GB internal storage and a maximum of 64 GB available from external storage options such as microSD, microSDHC cards. The excellent news is that they all do have the additional external option available, so there is no excuse not to back up. Try and make copies of call logs, SMS texts, contacts, photos, music and everything else stored on the device. To backup apps I recommend Helium, and if you have root try using Titanium instead. Both of those app are available from the Google Play Store links I provided.

The new addition is an OTA release so that means we won’t be connecting anything to a computer. Some of these have as little as 10 hours talk time with 2370 mAh capacity batteries. That means you want to have at least 60% battery before starting to be sure it does not shut down during the installation.

The 10.5.A.0.233 firmware commenced rolling out nearly a week ago now, so I’m predicting almost half of you out there already to have it available. If you don’t want to wait for a system notification then you can always check if it is ready for installation manually by navigating to Settings -> About phone -> Software updates -> System updates.

Because it isn’t finished rolling out yet, there may be additional features we don’t know about yet so if you have noticed something, please drop a comment below and tell us what you have found. I’m sure our reader will love to know also. It’s possible the Android Kitkat OS is more stable than last time. There’s also the chance of extra inclusions that offer more than just the one bug fix that we know about.

We know its main clause is a small bug fix update and not jam packed with features so that tells me that it won’t have a lot of MB’s with it to download. It will be Ok to use the mobile data for this if you are away from your home when it arrives, and you can’t wait. However, we recommend using the WiFi data instead because most people have more of it to spare, and it doesn’t come with charges if you go over.

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