Apple have gone out of their way to make iOS 8 more healthy for users because they felt it was a requirement they needed to do, going so far as to say they are “morally obliged” to look after people better. One of the main cracks in our love for technology is that it does have us sitting down and not staying active. In a world where half of the population suggest being active, is how to be in shape over your diet it quickly becomes an easy target for tech-haters to hone in with easily.

There’s a lot more to iOS 8 than just health though. 3rd party keyboards, iCloud Drive, family sharing, enterprise features, interactive notifications, quick type and improved spotlight are just a few features worth noting at how it will improve over its iOS 7 predecessors. That’s a bevy of features that will highlight what we know so far. There are also others coming according to Hamza that will lead to having more options to create a unique looking UI than ever before, making it more jailbreak friendly and reducing the need for hacking and unchaining the OS.

One of the main attractions that swung me away from the computer and more towards mobile was hacking and cracking open the operating system; it was naughty, fun, exciting and led to heaps of cool possibilities. However, being greeted with some of these features stock would be of benefit to many people including myself because jailbreaking is never easy, nor a smooth process that leaves us with a stable OS like Apple delivers initially. Moreover, it results in fewer updates and although we all like seeing these changes, having to update all the time is a time-consuming process and a lot of efforts we can all do without in the future. So, while many people embedded in the jailbreak scene might feel slightly jeopardized in this latest revelation in iOS software, most of us can revel in what is to come — assuming that it is coming of course.

Nothing is getting confirmation just yet, but taking a look at these pictures that Hamzaq has posted it’s hard to believe that we won’t have some options coming direct from the control center if anything else. We are only in the early beta stages of iOS 8 that is seeded to developers so just because Apple have included the scripts now doesn’t necessarily mean it will stick for the long haul. However, from all my time observing what they do over the years I can’t recall a script found and then reverted away from in the last stages.

Everything is pointing towards us having more control over the UI that will let us change colors of writing and the fonts used much like what we can discern in the photographs shown in this post. You can see that they are using purple with a different font that you would not expect to find on stock iOS.

We are now evolving to a time where companies will have to extend out to what the majority of people want and attempt to cater for all people even if it means more effort on their behalf. Hundreds of thousands of people jailbreak and root mobile devices every year because they want more control over the OS. However, the fruit company are the most notorious out of them all that don’t like people doing this as they want to shield their market without any additional services stemming from the hardware such as Cydia.

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