Since Apple had brought about the 64-bit processor, we have seen some others like the Snapdragon 800 offer a bit of competition, but not much more than that. That was soon followed with a rumor that Samsung would be next to bring out the same kind of 64-bit architecture, but that’s as far as it went.

Today is the first day we’ve seen another device be announced, and low and behold, it’s Windows that have managed to beat everybody else to it. Windows tablets are running a new Intel bay 64-bit technology chips. Again, it’s not super specific because there are a few different types of tablets for the Redmond company, but it at least gives us an idea we hadn’t had until now.

Although they did beat Samsung, they are still bringing out an Android based tablet that has the same thing according to reports. It’s just not clear if they will have it in the year 2014 or whether it will overflow into 2015.

Now Apple finally has some competition, and it’s great to see that it was Windows that managed to come up with it Innovation is what they have tried to do lately, and it looks like their market share could continue to climb if they keep going like this.

Via: PC World