Since starting up, being mobile only, we have had to pass up on covering consoles like Xbox and PlayStation a lot more than we would have liked. Occasionally there is a relationship there via applications, but that’s about as far as it goes.

But what if Xbox was to create and Xbox One mobile phone, and why would that be a bad idea? The reality is there are lots of reasons why this would be fantastic and really not a lot of downside, at least for the consumer that is.

We could only assume the handset would definitely have a market. The world of mobile has gone so crazy in the last few years, everybody wants to get away from the desk and do it all on the go. So why not gaming? What makes us have to sit at home for that? With the amount of good quality apps we have today, they make it possible to play games on the road.

The Xbox is more than just about games, though. When you hook it up to the online dashboard you have your whole profile there with many options from the Xbox dashboard. Watch TV, movies, browse the web, play games, view previews, see who is online and playing what. There’s no reason this can’t be created.

It wouldn’t just be for Xbox either. Clicking out of the dashboard would leave you with a regular Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system where you can use it much like you would with a regular Windows Phone.

Should this be created? Let us know in the comments what you think.