It’s safe to say that Nokia didn’t do a very good job at coming up with a name for their music service when it first arrived. Without any creativity bone inside, they decided to simply call it “Nokia Music”. Now for branding purposes, that’s actually a smart name. You can’t beat being straight to the point and operating within your name that is also understood well. But if we take a step back outside of understanding, brand-ability also comes from being abstract and unique. Nokia seems to have realized that and from this point on their Music service will be known as the Nokia MixRadio service.

Straight to the point and offering a bit more originality, MixRadio still manages to described what it does at the same time. To go along with the name the real application has also received a very big upgrade. Much like some of the popular music streams available that people use that come with a bit of advertising instead of having to pay for the service, this one will now offer a stream of continuous music being played. This new addition is named “Play Me”. When you go inside the app look out for that option.

Download: Nokia MixRadio on Windows Phone