Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the most awaited smartphone of the year, at least for a Samsung fan like me it’s been a magic device done all things very much seamlessly. Note 5 has the best hardware with the latest Android OS that is Android 5.1 Lollipop. What more you expect from this device? Nothing right, but there are some peoples who think that no Android phone is perfect without rooting it, and we call them Android developers.

You don’t believe a developer on XDA developer has made a kernel for Note 5 with auto root capability and TWRP custom recovery pre-installed. If you had also bought this device recently and you are also a little geeky then you should try installing this kernel and who knows what these developers release for Note 5 in future, so we have to be prepared for that.

He calls it Nobel Kernel which will root your phone, install a custom recovery that is TWRP and boost your phone’s performance using this new and improved kernel. This kernel has some useful features: Base Samsung N920T/P open-source, Supports N920T/N920P, Auto-Rooting, Auto BusyBox, Auto-Kill SecurityLogAgent, Deep Sleep fix, Wifi pass forget fix.

As the features list tell that this kernel fixes the deep sleep issue which causes your Note 5’s battery drain fast also fix the WIFI password forget the problem. If you have this issue in your Galaxy Note 5, then you should try Nobel kernel.

This Kernel is the property of the respective owner and developer of this kernel we don’t have any thing to do with this kernel, so if this kernel bricks your device, then we should not be the one to blamed you have to blame the owner.

Still happy with all this? OK go to the XDA thread and follow the instructions there to install this kernel on your Galaxy Note 5.