Around mid October saw an Apple event where they released several things, one of which was the latest operating system for Mac — OS X Mavericks. Normally, you would need a Mac to run this because that is what the operating system is naturally made to be running on. The problem is Mac’s are so expensive, many people can’t afford them. In today’s world the PC from Microsoft is far more common.

Thanks to the tool called Unibeast, everybody can now install the OS X Mavericks on a Windows-based PC. Unibeast was originally brought out for the last Mac OS had called Mountain Lion. This is simply an updated version to go along with the updated Apple software.


  • A PC that has an Intel processor.
  • USB flash stick with at least 8GB memory.
  • Initially, you will need a Mac to help along the way. A friend’s computer or laptop will suffice for a few minutes.
  • 1. Download Mavericks on the Mac if you haven’t upgraded already and the latest UniBeast.

This is done by visiting the Apple website. It’s completely free of charge.

The Unibeast is downloaded from its own website also. The only thing required there will be a log-in account.

2. Format the USB flash drive.

This is achieved by using the disk utility feature. Do this by partitioning the disk.

3. Load the UniBeast program.

4. After clicking through the first few screens it will then give you the opportunity to select the USB drive we re-formatted. Do this.

5. It will tell you that you have chosen to install the Mavericks on the drive. Click continue to go ahead.

On the left hand side is a heading called ‘installation type’. From here, check that it is set on OS X mavericks 10.9 before you continue.

It will download the package on your drive now.

6. Download another program called MultiBeast.

7. Plug the USB stick into the PC that now has the Mavericks on it, remembering it will need to be intel-based.

8. From the boot screen select USB from the menu.

9. Format and partition the HDD via the disk utility again. This time for the PC.

10. From the installer screen you should now see the new hard drive you made.

This will now be the drive we want to install the Macintosh operating system on. Click the install button and it will now transfer the program from the flash drive to the hard drive.