We are now living in a time where many of us are using several passwords across several different log-ins around the web — at least if you are an avid internet traveler. Yes, there are browsers that have an auto-fill option that stores and remembers this information for users such as Chrome, but when you aren’t using this feature it’s a brutal reminder of how cruel life is.

That’s exactly what life is like when we spread ourselves across multiple devices still to this day — up until now anyway. iCloud Keychain aims to change all of that by offering OS X, iPad and iPhone users the chance to store their personal information such as passwords and even credit card details synced across all devices so they can easily log-in to anything at anytime. All you need to have is Mavericks and iOS 7 software running on your other device.

Here’s how to set iCloud keychain up:

How to Setup iCloud Keychain on Mac

1. Move the mouse to the top left corner and click about this Mac and look out for the version number. The number you want is 10.9. That lets us know that you are using the latest OS X mavericks which is required. If not, then you’ll need to head over to the Apple website and get your free download.

2. Open system preferences.

3. Third row to the left should have your iCloud app. If it’s elsewhere that doesn’t matter as long as you can find it. Click and open this one.

4. Presented straight away in the long list of options in front of you will be the keychain option. It will have a gray set of keys next to the writing.

5. A new screen will appear that gives you the chance to enter a new password. Do that now.

The first one will be your Apple ID followed by just a security password you wish to create. Make it anything you wish as long as you can remember it.

Enter your phone number on the next screen. It won’t hassle you with calls, but is just the new way of providing security verification.

How to Setup iCloud Keychain on iPhone

6. Now you will need to pick up your iPhone and hit up the settings app. From there scroll down until you see iCloud.

7. Click on the keychain option from inside, much like the way you did from the Mac.

8. Swipe your finger across to toggle on the keychain option. It will prompt you for your password which you will need to enter.

9. The last thing is the security code screen that will appear now. If you remember back to the one you set up on the Mac, well this is the same code that will need to be entered here now.

Note: You can set this up by using either device first. There is no rule saying to use the Mac first. Obviously, if you do decide to set it up on the iPhone first, then that means you will still need to set it up on the OS X lastly.

It is now setup and ideally it should work even better than what you may be used to on a chrome auto-fill because it shouldn’t pull up any pop-ups at all.