Ever wondered how much money Apple makes a quarter of its yearly earnings? For Q4 of this year the figure is an astounding $37.5 billion dollars. And if you’re wondering just how on earth the fruit company managed to get to that figure: it is by selling 33.8 million iPhone’s (the iPhone 5S and 5C put together) and 14.1 million iPad’s.

This quarter is always the highest because it is the one’s where we see the new iPhone sales figures. The next one isn’t too shabby either because it will have the new iPads’ in it. That said, we are still seeing record numbers across the board for Apple. That’s pretty impressive given that they have been heavily scrutinized for not coming up with enough to impress. With figures like these there’s hardly any reason to keep pressing forward to produce anything more.

Next year will see a launch of the iWatch — Apple’s Smartwatch — in it, so that will also keep them going skywards to new heights one again.

Even dating back to Q3 of this year, Apple still managed to topple the earnings predictions, coming in stronger still. At a time when the iPhone is at its oldest, the company is still selling 31.2 million Smartphones in this period. In 2012, they had only managed to sell 26 million phones for the same period.

Tim Cook had this to say about it when he arrived this morning:

“Pleased to report a strong end to an amazing year with record fourth quarter revenue, including sales of almost 34 million iPhones“

Tim Cook has taken plenty of criticism since taking over as the CEO of Apple, but he has also received praise in certain areas such as expanding the brand into new territory. Many believe that he is doing a better job of stepping outside of just the usual product line such as the new smart watches and iTV.

AAPL has now been given a $625 target for 2014.