We’ve already started to see the Smartwatch potential when Samsung released the Galaxy Gear. It has poor device compatibility, only being supported by one Note as it stands. The real kicker here is when the rest of the company eventually releases theirs.

HTC says they are definitely on board no matter what, but they also will not be rushing. The exec goes further to say that what we are seeing now is only going to be a shadow of what they will be like when the others come around presumably during 2014.

Our first taste of that being true could be with this news about LG supplying Apple for their Smartwatch so that it can be equipped with a flexible OLED display.

It’s not yet know if Apple is attempting to make the entire watch flexible or just perhaps to launch it with a curve, similar to what we are seeing today from a few Smartphones like the G Flex.

Apple is testing three different sizes. That’s no surprise given that we know how size obsessed they are. They go into great detail to give the exact size they think is best and bigger isn’t known as better for them.

Current measurements are 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 inches.

“Instead of relying on one supplier for its iWatch, which will be unveiled next year, Apple will have two vendors to be safe. The key provider will be RiT Display and LG Display will be the second. Japan Display might also be a candidate, but so far its capacity seems lacking.”-Kim Young-woo, an analyst,

Via Unwired View