We aren’t going to embark on what is the difference between Full HD and being HD ready, but the good and better version is the same one that is coming in the iPhone 6 according to a report today.

While there have been talks about a screen being up to 4 times as strong as what we all know Full HD to mean this year, the fact is that this is still the best kind of high-definition performance we have in our equipment now, whether it be mobile or TV.

The iPhone 5S is the one that has just been released and this is the one that comes out every 2 years with one extra feature — that was the fingerprint sensor this year. The next jump up to the new number is always the Smartphone that comes with a whole new body, but that doesn’t stop it from having new features also.

The current iPhone screen stands at 4.3 inches. This is because Apple have refused to budge and buy into a bigger size, even when all of their competitors have. It is apparently the time when Apple is finally going to give in and go bigger. A 5 inch screen is now expected to be the screen of choice for the new iPhone. This will have it on par with the current Samsung Galaxy s4.

The new 1920 x 1080 resolution is also expected to come in at 440ppi, making it the best pixel ratio out of all of them. Furthermore, it will also match up to work with Apple’s retina display.

Earlier in October, we heard that a 4.8 inch screen was in store for the iPhone 6. With that said, it’s important to remember that these are just speculative reports now, and nothing is yet set in stone. As time goes on, however, we also expect talks to get closer and closer to being the truth. The other important factor to remember is that Apple themselves could be making changes in their own heads, and thus, it will change even if the present reports were correct back then.

Talks have also extended for the next iPhone to have an ultra narrow bezel with an arrival time point towards September of 2014.