A short time after its release, OS X Mavericks looks like being every bit as playful and as adventurous as it was named after. There’s been many secret features discovered by the folk using the new build.

If you spend anywhere near as much time online and on the web as I do, then you also might spend a fair chunk of that time chatting and communicating with friends. In the last few years a big part of that communicating — whether it be out of laziness or added, extra expression — is using emoji’s. If you’re not familiar with the name, it’s what Apple calls the little emoticon faces that you can use when texting. This is a universal name used for its products all the way from the iPhone through to your Mac’s running OS X.

With OS X mavericks, Apple has decided it’s time to let its users use the emoji’s wherever they want, and hey, we say that’s a great idea.

All you need to do to get them working is press CMD+CTRL+SPACE keys inside any text field that gives you the chance to type. There was a way to do this via opening the special characters window, but this way makes things a lot easier for us all.