The Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A variant of the smartphone is finally finding the official Android 5.0 Lollipop over the air signals arriving for device owners. We’ve already told you about what’s inside the KSU1BOB8 firmware build and you can check those details by reading the G906SKSU1BOB8 Android 5.0 Lollipop Galaxy S5 LTE-A OTA update post.

Once you already know what’s inside the new software update and you’ve decided you want to install the same, you can do that after the steps below. before starting the with KSU1BOB8 guide where you’ll find the file from Sam Mobile, you should first read up on the list of essentials you’ll need. Check out all that information after the jump.

Galaxy S5 LTE-A

The first thing you’ll need is the up to date Samsung USB drivers. You get them from several sources. The official Sammy website offers direct links to the Samsung USB Drivers for Mobile phones. Another way you can achieve the same thing is by installing the Samsung Kies Mini utility and get the drivers from there. Once you have the drivers installed on your computer, you should restart the PC for the drivers to take effect. Otherwise you might be facing the issue connection issues.

Those erring on the side of caution should now backup the device in case you are applying a factory reset later because the device gets stuck in a boot loop or won’t move past the boot animation screen. Such occurrences are rare, but sometimes they can happen for official software updates. You can sync the device with Kies, transfer your media to the computer and store it all in folders, use the built-in backup functionality that comes with the Galaxy S5 smartphone, or download some third-party application from the Google Play Store.

Whatever way you decide to take the backup is up to you. Once done, you want to store the phone contacts, SMS messages, pictures, music files (songs), video files, Settings and other data you might not want to risk losing.

You must use a Windows-based PC to follow the guide. Anything will work, including the Microsoft Surface pro or Surface RT. All you need is a PC with a USB slot mounted in the side for connecting the S5 device.

The following does not void the Sammy warranty on your device if there is any left. You only do that if you are flashing any unofficial custom ROM. However, flashing the official firmware file from below could revoke the root access you have and wipe the custom ROM.

How to flash the new official KSU1BOB8 Android 5.0 Lollipop firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A

  1. Download the KSU1BOB8 official Sam Mobile firmware file here.
  2. Download the Odin 3.09 from here.
  3. Extract the Odin file to the desktop of the computer. Click on the executable file and run the same, so it’s open and waiting on the desktop.
  4. Extract the Sam Mobile file to the computer.
  5. Boot the S5 smartphone in Download Mode.
  6. Connect the S5 to the computer using the USB cable.
  7. Now look inside the Odin app and you’ll see it says “added” and the ID: COM port changing to blue or yellow.
  8. You do not need to adjust any of the default Settings in Odin.
  9. Make sure the re-partition box is left empty.
  10. Click the AP button option and upload the executable KSU1BOB8 Sam Mobile firmware file from the contents on the desktop.
  11. Click the Start button when you are ready.

Now wait until the flashing finishes and the galaxy smartphone reboots. If it does not reboot automatically you should do that manually.