Your LG F60 has some hidden modes on it, and if you want to tweak your device then you should know these modes. These are “Recovery Mode” and “Fast Boot Mode”, these are the two modes hidden inside your phone and you need to do some combination to boot to them.

Recovery mode is the one which is used to do some task to tweak your phone on software or hardware level. This recovery mode can be custom or stock, stock comes pre-installed on your device and customs are made by some third-party developers and have some extra features than the stock one. You can boot to this recovery mode by going here.

LG F60

Now we talk about Fast Boot mode, this mode is similar to Boot loader in other android devices and download mode in Samsung devices. This mode manages whether your device to boot in recovery mode or to operating System.

By booting to Fast Boot mode, you are not going to perform any unofficial or illegal process. By booting your phone to this mode is not going to boot your phone’s warranty or something. This is also not at all risky process, not going to hurt your phone in any way.

But to be on the safe side you should backup your phone’s important data so you won’t lose it in any way. You can sync your phone’s contacts to your Google account so you can’t lose them. You should also backup your media files, I’m talking about the music, video and pics, backup them to your PC or any other safer place. As if anything happens your data will be safe. You can also make a complete ROM backup using any custom recovery so you can go back when you want by restoring this backup file.

You should need some tools and preparations to do before going to perform all this. You need a Windows-based PC for all this and make sure you disabled all the security related software like anti-virus or anti malware so they won’t interrupt between all this process. You also have to turn USB debugging option on before doing this. To do this go to settings > Developer Options > enable USB debugging, if you don’t see developer options in settings just go to settings > About phone > tap on Build Number 7 times, this will enable Developer Options in settings. And also charge your phone to 50% battery so your phone won’t go off in the booting process because if this happens you may brick your device.

Now if you had read all the article from above, then you are all set to do this. Now go to steps to boot your phone to Fast Boot Mode.

Boot LG F60 to Fast Boot Mode Using Command Line

As the title says you have to write some commands on the command line so you need a PC for that. Deactivate any kind of security based software like antivirus or anti malware or they me interface between the process. And enable USB debugging option on your phone as i told you before. You also need to install Android SDK on your PC for all this.

  1. Now on your PC go to the Android SDK folder.
  2. Hold down shift key and right-click on the empty space inside the folder, now click on “Open command window here”, this will open a command window.
  3. Now connect your phone to PC using USB cable.
  4. Now on command window type the following command: “adb reboot bootloader”.
  5. Your phone will turn off automatically and booted to fast boot mode.

Boot LG F60 to Fast Boot Mode Using an Android App

The previous guide is little complicated, so if you are not that friendly with your PC or if you don’t have any then you can do this directly from your phone.

What you need is an internet connection and your phone.

  1. Now unlock your phone and open Google Play Store.
  2. Search for “Reboot Manager” there, download and install this app.
  3. Launch Reboot manager app and follow the app to boot your phone to fast boot mode.
  4. After that you will be in Fast boot mode in no time.

Now you know how to boot your phone to fast boot mode. Choose any easy way from above and boot your phone to fast boot mode. If you are having any questions about the tutorial you can ask by posting them to comment section below. And don’t forget to like and share this article.