LG F60 is a budget phone from LG. Still F60 has some good hardware and software (OS) on this price level. LG F60 comes pre loaded with Android 4.4 KitKat. If you are trying to tweak your phone’s interface and performance or trying to root your phone and ended up with a bricked device then this article will be very useful for you. So stay tuned and read all the parts of this article and make your phone come to life again.

This guide is also very useful to those who voided their phone’s warranty by rooting and installing any custom ROM so you won’t be charged for any assistance in a care center. This guide also is very useful to remove any kind of problems you are facing while using your phone like auto restart, lags, slow interface, no cellular connection, apps force close and many more.

LG F60

This article has two tutorials, one for them who have some software related problems like auto restart, lags, slow interface, over heating or battery draining. And another is for them whose LG F60 is dead, bricked or stuck in a boot loop after installing any wrong custom ROM. So choose whichever you need.

You have to do some preparations before installing this stock firmware on your device. You need a Windows-based PC to install LG Suite and drivers. You have to disable all kinds of security related software like anti-virus and anti malware or it can interface during the process and can brick your device. Now ready your phone by enabling “USB debugging” option on your device by going to settings > Developer options > enable USB debugging option, if you can’t see Developer Options in Settings menu, then enable them by going to settings > About Phone > Tap on Build Number 7 times. And also plug your phone in the charger and charge it to at least 50%, and if you are saying “dude! my phone is bricked up” still you have to charge it.

Now you are all set to unbrick your device and make it as new, so stop reading this and go to the steps.

Steps to Fix Some Software Related Issues

To solve these kind of issues you just need to hard reset your device which clear all the data stored on your phone’s internal memory and clear cache (these are temporary files got saved on your phone when you access internet on your device). This tutorial might remove some of the problems mentioned above. So make a backup of files, and get ready to apply it on your phone.

  1. First you have to turn your phone off completely, just press and hold the power key for 10 seconds and wait till phone goes off completely.
  2. Boot your phone to recovery mode (don’t worry if you have installed any custom recovery, that will also do the task).
  3. Now choose “Wipe Data Factory reset”, this will factory reset your device and clear the internal memory of device.
  4. Now perform “Wipe cache partition” and “Wipe dalvik cache” to clear all type of cache from your phone.
  5. When all done, reboot your phone back to OS by selecting “reboot system now option”.

Steps to fix bricked LG F60

This tutorial will install the stock firmware on your phone and wipe your phone;s internal memory completely. This will also bring back your phone’s warranty.

  1. Download Official stock firmware file from here.
  2. Download LG PC suite on your PC and launch it.
  3. Now connect your device to PC via USB cable.
  4. Now follow what PC suite says to downgrade your phone.
  5. When all done unplug and reboot your phone.

So that’s the simple way with which you can manually fix some problems on your device or fix your bricked device. If you have any query about the tutorial or you are still facing some problems you can post them in comment section below. Oh! and don’t forget to like and share this guide with your friends.