The Humble Bundle 2 is now out for Android users. It lets you download heaps of cool games for mobile phones. They are all DRM free and come at a price of your choice!

With so many applications being produced by the day, I don’t bother to attempt to cover them all. For this reason I only cover the one’s I consider as great and/or the ones which have some great importance to the brands we cover. The one exception to this is when a new fantastic humble mobile bundle comes out, because, well, they just have so much to offer.

Humble Bundle

Take its main cause for instance: giving a large part of the proceeds to charity. It also offers the consumer a sweet deal in the process where it’s basically pay as much as you want for the goodness you receive in return. Either way, it always works out as a great deal for somebody, and generally speaking it also works out with the developers giving the most.

For a more detailed look inside this bundle be sure to check out the features video clip, which tells you exactly how it works and the entire list of games. You might also be able to check out where the proceeds are going.

The way it works is you pay an amount for the entire bunch except for a few titles, which are only coming your way if you throw in more than around five dollars. Don’t quote me on the exact price, but it is around that amount.

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