Whether you want to put this one down to human nature, or whether you want to ping it on the loyalty to a device, the fact of the matter is that once a user picks a mobile and operating system they generally stay loyal to it. There are loads of figures and statistics floating around to back this one up. It turns out that a very low percentage of people ever swap over from say, the iPhone to an Android. However, that doesn’t mean that each platform doesn’t host a bevy of features the other one wishes they could use.

Take the iMessages app, which is a fantastic messaging service that basically lets you text for free. It’s just like having any one of the number of big name messaging services, such as Yahoo, only it comes stock standard on the iPhone. All you have to do is tap the icon on the home screen and away you go. Heck, it even comes with its own emoticons once you have them enabled from the settings.

iMessage on

Now people who use Android mobiles and tablets can use iMessage from an unofficial app. It does have its problems stopping it from running 100% smooth and a few bugs, however, it is capable of giving out the free text messaging service non-the-less.

To get it you can head over to the Google Play Store and look up: iMessage Chat app.

It is currently coming with a warning from several developers who have looked into this one. They say it’s best to give it a miss because they don’t trust its security. That is then met by saying, “we don’t think that the app necessarily has malicious intentions, however, we just don’t trust it.”

Look into that how you will. Currently from our standpoint, there is nothing to say this app can’t be used.

There is no way of having a legit source of message because Apple does not let it run on any other platform such as Android.