Cut the rope creators are doing their best Angry Birds impersonation by releasing a good quality amount of gaming for free. This one comes by the way of the 2.3.2 APK and is downloaded for free from the direct link below.

If you haven’t yet played C.T.R and love a bit of genuine mobile gaming, then I highly recommend you check this one out. Some games just work great when played on the mobile platform and others just seem way too overboard and only really work well on the big screen; more fit for console games. Cut the Rope is one of the games that falls into the first example. It is a really great application for a phone, where a quality idea is met with good game play that isn’t at all over the top.

Cut the Rope

Even though you may not realize it at first, it is in the puzzle genre of apps, but don’t let that scare you away. Angry Birds are also within that genre. This one has received over 300 million downloads to date. That isn’t this very APK, but rather the entire name in general.

This is the full version of the APK and it is available completely free.

Download it for Android here.