The number one app of all time, Angry Birds, has just seen a new release recently with the inclusion of the telepods, which are a new figurine you can buy and then use them in conjunction with the television screen to reach other characters. It’s a unique idea that’s making a splash so far in its first week of sales.

That version I just mentioned was of course the Star Wars II experience. Now, though, Angry Birds are at it again with an even newer version of game which has become available — the version I’m talking about is the 3.3.0 APK.

Angry Birds

Downloading it is simple, simply click on the link below where it says and it will give you direct access to the APK. There is also another link you can open which will give you access to the Google Play Store app on it.

Although it’s a new game, it hasn’t really consisted of any new levels. Instead, they have produced a mixture of some all time classic levels and put them all in the one game. All up there is 15 levels playing inside.

Download it here for the APK, or here from the Google Play Store.

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