One of the biggest, baddest and best games to hit the mobile platform of all time is the Angry Birds franchise. Since bringing out the original game, it quickly grew into a global phenomenon. When something grows that large, and that popular, it has one card up its sleeve the rest don’t — it can give you freebies to help expand its brand name and bring more global love to the hit series.

Normally, once one of its games has gone platinum, they will start being more generous with what they decide to hand out free. You can go to the app store, or the Google Play store, and download several of the different titles for free such as Angry Birds Space, Seasons & Rio, but they aren’t the full games. Instead, it’s about a demo, which will let you play some of the levels and then you pay to unlock the rest.

It is no secret that Angry Birds are making a new game called Star Wars II, but what we didn’t know was that they brought it out from the beginning for free. That’s right! You can download it now for no cost at all. Well, after the kids go to their parents and heckle them for the new telepod figurines which are available from all major outlets.

Yes, it comes with a slight catch, although this catch is probably more appealing than those ‘in game’ clichés where you have to pay to unlock items which is needed to finish the game. There is none of that caper here, but there is lots of new merchandise that will be a big hit with the younger generation at least.

The difference this time around is that the new teleopods that you buy in life will then be used in the game. A bit of a twist that we haven’t seen from an app before.

Whilst you don’t need the telepods to play, they do introduce your favorite characters into the game by inserting the figurine on the screen when it says to do so. This will then unlock the same player in the game and allow you to use them. From our knowledge so far, they aren’t needed, but more of an added extra. The reason being is that there is automatically the main characters included for free.

To download it, all you need to do is open up one of the older versions of the app (it doesn’t matter which one) and it will automatically prompt you to see if you want to download it. The other option is to head over to the app store, or the Play store, and type it in the search bars.

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