The internet is taking over many of our lives, and whilst we can save the argument on whether that’s a good or a bad thing for another rainy day, something we can’t deny now is how much we often delve into a certain online task without fully understanding what we have gotten ourselves into.

Take any number of the websites you may have signed up an account for, and now you find yourself with a bunch of emails coming your way which you can’t control. Or maybe you decided to Google your own name one day and all of a sudden noticed a lot of information you wish was private and not shown to the entire world — eek.

Just Delete Me Website

Well the good news is that now, thanks to a new app there is a way to completely delete yourself from the internet. That means basically absolutely everything that you have ever signed up to — keeping in mind you can add or subtract something off the list — and all things online.

I say app because technically it is an application, however, it is a website which you ironically sign up to. The site is called Just Delete Me and it will take care of any of the personal things you wish weren’t shown in search engines like Google.

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