It’s no secret that iOS consistently out-do Android and other mobile platforms such as Blackberry or Windows Phone when it comes to getting apps the quickest. As so often is the case, many of them will land in the Apple app store before migrating over to others. This can get on the last nerve of many Android users and there isn’t a better current example of an app that Android enthusiasts have waited for other than the hit game Badland.

For months, iPhone users played away at this game, but today good news broke for other platforms when it was revealed that Badland will indeed be coming to Android and Blackberry. Not to be outdone, however, it was announced that the iPhone version would be receiving a big price slash at the same time. The new price for both iPad and iPhone would be now under $2 which is a big saving.


That’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes unfortunately, and although not ideal, it is still good news that Android and Blackberry users alike will finally get to play the game they have longed for without having to change mobiles.

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