This most recent tweak was made by developer K3A. The Cydia tweaks dubbed SpeakEvents for iPhone speaks out when you have any new notifications text messages emails and just about anything you can think of that your phone needs to alert you about.

Technology like this is never to be seen before. Sure, there’s always the Android with its saying names out loud when they are calling and things like this, but the SpeakEvents tweak takes talking to a whole new level.


The extra bit of technology packed into SpeakEvents really is remarkable. To let out a voice after an incoming alert has been picked up is a first for the industry. It doesn’t just stop there either if you’re someone thinking about all the problems it might bring — don’t worry, it does also come in as a normal notification too.


Speak Events was released with the following statement:

SpeakEvents will make your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad speak! You will no longer need to manually check who is writing you a message. It’s a good companion to Siri, but Siri is not required.

Just like the Android devices, the iPhone has had tweaks for incoming calls and caller ID and all things similar in mind, but never to alert the way the Speak Events does.

With the multicultural world we live in today developer K3A has implemented a little bit of extra ingenious into his tweak. It also can speak many different languages to suit what ever language the owner of the iPhone speaks. It really is an intelligent, clever little piece of work.

There are many different features it has. These are just the main ones I have highlighted. You can pick and choose to customize your settings as you wish for all different aspects of the app too.

Don’t forget in order to be able to use Cydia, you must first Jailbreak your device. Once Jailbroken just head over to the cydia store and collect yours free of charge.

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