As long as you are running any kind of Android OS mobile you can download this cool free APK called Facebook 3.7.

Basically, this is a new version of the Facebook app. The Facebook application is constantly being changed and in the last year we have seen some good upgrades to do with features. There are still some issues with navigation and not being able to post on walls of fan pages which don’t seem to have been cleared up. After all this time it is amazing that this could still be an issue. None-the-less this new upgrade does have new features when compared to the older version. It also has heaps of bug fixes, so if you noticed your current or earlier version stalling or lagging this should fix those.

Zuckerberg disrupt

Facebook added a big major feature to all of its systems in the last week where you can now edit a post you made. Before this update, this was something that could be done only by clicking on a box inside of the comments, but not on the real post. It went a long time with it this way, for most of this year, in fact, and now they have finally changed it. That is the big feature you will find inside of this APK after you download it.

If you are using a computer this update will happen automatically in your account. However, if it is a mobile or tablet, you will need to download the 3.7 upgrade for it to take effect.

Remember, it is free and a safe download. Get yours from this link.