As said in my earlier post, you can download the offline updates for your Kaspersky product using the Kaspersky Updater utility. It allows you to download the offline update files for almost all the Kaspersky products and versions. If you do not have Internet connectivity, then these updates let you update your antivirus easily.

The files that you download using the Offline Updater utility do not come with a setup file. So, you don’t have the option to open the setup file and begin the process of updating. Those files have different file formats that only Kaspersky can read and work on that. There is a little process on how you can update Kaspersky using the offline updates. Follow the steps given below to update Kaspersky offline with offline virus definitions/updates.
Open the Kaspersky Product you have, in my case; it is Kaspersky AntiVirus. There is a little difference in the steps for other products. However, you will understand it by reading this article thoroughly.

Now, You will see the main screen of the Kaspersky. Here, you have to click on the Settings at the top-right corner. It will open the settings windows where you can change all the settings of your Kaspersky Product.

After that, in the settings window, you will find four tabs (icons) on the top-left corner. Click on the third icon (Update center) icon to open the Update settings window.

You have now reached the Update Center. As we have to change the source of the virus definitions/updates, click the Update source… button. It will open a dialog box, where you have to enter the new source of the updates.

By default, there are a Kaspersky Lab update servers, un-tick the checkbox near it. Now, click on the Add button and choose the folder where you have downloaded the offline virus definitions using the KLUpdater utility. Usually, it is the place where you have placed the KLUpdater utility.

After choosing the directory of the updates folder, click on OK button. Now, you will see the directory you have selected above in the Update Sources list. Click on OK and the again OK to get back to the main screen of the Kaspersky AntiVirus.

From the main interface of the Kaspersky AntiVirus, choose the Update Center option and click on Run Update. That’s it. It will now process the program to update the virus definition using the offline virus definitions you have downloaded earlier.

It’s nice to use the Offline Virus Definitions when you do not have Internet connectivity or want to install the same update to multiple computers.

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