Angry Birds is the most popular games since its launch. It is available on all the platforms, such as iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows. Anyone can play this game on a device if it could fulfill the game requirement. We informed you when the Angry Birds got the web version, since then, it became popular on the Internet as because it didn’t need any special hardware, software. It works just from your Web Browser by going to the Angry Birds Online Version site.

As you all know, the game is based on the revenge of the birds against the pigs who had stolen the birds’ eggs. The game consists of many levels, as you process ahead, you see the hard level. By playing some levels, you might get stuck somewhere on a hard level. Here comes the article point, by using a trick, you can unlock all angry birds levels. The trick lets you play all the levels of Angry birds without actually passing each level. It is a javascript code which can be used easily. To get started, just go to and then copy and paste the below javascript code into your web browser address bar.

javascript: var i = 0; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_star_’+i,’3′); i++; } window.location.reload();

As soon as you copy/paste the above code; you will see that all levels of the Angry Birds have been unlocked. Choose any level to commence the game. Though It is hard to pass all the levels, you can pass levels honestly by reverting the effect of the above trick. To do so, copy and paste the below javascript code and the levels will be locked again.

javascript: var i = 1; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_star_’+i,’-1′); i++; } window.location.reload();

This short method of playing all the levels is exquisite if you don’t have much time and want to see all the levels.

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