The title looks tedious, but it’s true. Now, you can update your Facebook status from any device without having it. This simple trick lets you prank with your friends by telling them that you now own an Apple iPhone 4 and have updated your status using it. It’s cool to make them jealous. Sometimes, while surfing Facebook, you might have seen a byline saying “xx hours ago via iPhone 4″. This is the device which the user has used to update his status.

The trick which I am talking here is a Facebook App. The App has support to put any predefined byline which lets you put the “xx hours ago via iPhone 4″ byline. Also, it supports other devices, such as iPad, BlackBerry, Android, etc. Here are the App links for various devices:

BlackBerry Torch
BlackBerry PlayBook
iPhone 4
iPad 2
iPad 3

With the above listed Devices (Apps), you can also have hundreds of another device (apps). Get them from TrikGratis website. I hope, you have liked this trick, please consider sharing it and suggest which new devices should be included in the list.

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