Thankfully, taking a screenshot on any Oppo device is the same as taking a screenshot on the Oppo A33 smartphone. That applies to all the devices that are now running Android 4.0 ICS or later anyway. You see, the Android developers decided during Android 4.0 would be a good time to provide the built-in button combination for the Android software to take a screenshot. Prior to then there was no such feature done by Android developers, but some OEMs and manufacturers did still have a particular set of buttons they would press to take a screenshot.

None of that matters with the Oppo A33 device, however, as it comes pre-loaded with an Android version that is much later and superior to the Ice Cream Sandwich version. Those of you who do not like using the buttons on your device to take a screenshot can install plenty of applications from the Google Play Store for doing the same job. There are about 8 or 9 screenshot apps worth mentioning and many of them come with bonus features. If you are somebody who likes editing pictures so they look better with different lighting, you might want to install one of the screenshot apps with the editing tools.

Oppo A33

Taking screenshots on the Oppo A33

  1. Open the page, app or anything you want to capture.
  2. Press the Volume Down and Power buttons together at the same time. Make sure you time it correctly otherwise it doesn’t work.
  3. After about a second you can release the two keys. Pressing the Power button too long will automatically turn the device off which is why you need to let go.
  4. You should see the screen flicker and the shutter sound of a camera make a noise to let you know the picture is taken.
  5. Access that new screenshot from the Gallery application. You should see a new folder created for the Screenshots. Now every time you take anew screenshot, it will automatically end up in this folder.

There; hopefully that helped you all learn how to take screenshots on the Oppo A33 smartphone. Those of you preferring to use applications instead might like to download the Screenshot Snap Free application.