The LG Ray is a new smartphone with plenty of tricks. from installing a custom recovery, to getting rooting root access, you’ll always have something to achieve on the operating system. Your stock Android OS that comes to you out of the box also comes with a few unique modes like the recovery mode, which is a separate bootable partition, the fastboot mode and the ability to hard reset, soft reset and other devices information. The most common feature to use that comes with the LG Ray device is taking screenshots.

Typically speaking, you can take screenshots on the LG smartphones a variety of ways. The two most common ways are using the built-in hardware keys and using apps from the Google Play Store. The hardware keys are the default method and are the keys you should use if you don’t want any additional features. However, if you do want additional features like the ability of being able to edit your picture, you should consider installing screenshot apps. We’ll list roughly ten of the best screenshot apps you can install on your LG device to take screenshots and edit the pictures.

LG Ray

Another feature that is useful with some applications is the ability to screen record. By recording the screen you are recording a movie and not just taking a picture. That’s an awesome feature if you are on Skype with friends or want a video of somebody. Those of you running a custom ROM and a custom recovery can have the screen recording feature if you install a CyanogenMod custom ROM.

Taking screenshots on the LG Ray

  1. Turn on your LG Ray handset and open the picture you want to capture. It can be in an app, your settings, the gallery or even a website.
  2. Hold the Power and Volume Down buttons down at the same time.
  3. Keep holding the buttons for about a second and you will see the screen flicker off and on as if it’s taking a picture.
  4. Now navigate to your Gallery app and open the Screenshots folder.

Those preferring to use applications from the Google Play Store next time for taking screenshots might want to install the Screenshots Simple application.